for 2018

AV NOVICE - 7th July at Ballogie

COCKER NOVICE - 4th October at Findrack

COCKER OPEN - 5th October at Invermark

OPEN SPRINGER SPANIEL - 5th November at Birse

STAKE 2                                     NOVICE STAKE FOR 16 COCKER SPANIELS

                                                    As defined under Kennel Club Ltd Regulation J3d(3)

Date:                                           4th October 2018

Venue:                                        Findrack Estate The Clash Lumphanan Aberdeenshire by Kind permission of Mr Hal Salvesen 


Judges:                                      Mr Jeremy Organ (2063) A Panel                              Mr Jim Wardrope (non panel)


Entry Fee:                                  Member £30 per entry                                               Non-Members £40 per entry


Prize Money:                             First £20                               Second £15                   Third £10

Meet:                                         9 a.m. Directions with Draw

Closing Date:                            Saturday 22ndSeptember 2018


Draw:                                         6 p.m. on Sunday 23rd September at the Spaniel Secretary’s house 



STAKE 3                                     OPEN QUALIFYING STAKE FOR 16 COCKER SPANIELS

                                                    As defined under Kennel Club Ltd Regulation J3d(1)


Date:                                           05th October 2018


Venue:                                        Invermark Estate , Edzell DD9 7YZ by kind permission of The Earl of Dallhousie


Judges:                                       Mr Jeremy Organ (2063) A Panel                             Mr Andy Robinson (A Panel)


Entry Fee:                                  Member £30 per entry                                               Non-Members £40 per entry

Prize Money:                             First £30                               Second £20                   Third £15


Meet:                                         9 a.m. Directions with Draw

Closing Date:                           Saturday 22nd September 2018

Draw:                                        7 p.m. on Sunday 23rd September at the Spaniel Secretary’s house

                                                  Preference in the draw will be as defined in Kennel Club Ltd Field Trial Regulation J7i(2).




                                                    As defined under Kennel Club Ltd Regulation J3d(1)


Date:                                           5th November 2018


Venue:                                        Birse Estate, Aboyne by kind permission of the Shooting Syndicate


Judges:                                      Mr Steve Bates (2802) A Panel.   Mr Peter Holmes (896) B Panel


Entry Fee:                                  Member £30 per entry                                               Non-Members £40 per entry


Prize Money:                             First £30                               Second £20                   Third £15


Meet:                                         9 a.m. Directions with Draw


Closing Date:                           Saturday 20th October 2018


Draw:                                        6 p.m. on Sunday 21st October at the Spaniel Secretary’s house

                                                  Preference in the draw will be as defined in Kennel Club Ltd Field Trial Regulation J7i(2).

Please read the following General Information notes carefully




 1.   Dogs entered at Kennel Club Ltd licensed Field Trials must be registered at the Kennel Club Ltd in accordance with Kennel Club Ltd

       Regulations for Classification and Registration B.

2.    All dogs resident outside the UK must be issued with a Kennel Club Ltd Authority to Compete number before entry to the Field Trial

       can be made.   All overseas entries without an Authority to Compete number will be returned to the Competitor. 

3.    Entry Form:  Please complete your entry form in legible block capitals.

4.    Entry Fees:  If paying by cheque, a separate cheque is required for each entry.   Fees must accompany entries.

5.    Ownership:  When a dog is in joint ownership, all owners must be members of the Association to qualify for Members’ preference

in the draw for the Open Stake.    Please ensure that details of ownership are correct.   If the dog is owned in partnership, all

owners must be named.   Incorrect details could result in a Kennel Club fine.   If you have applied to The Kennel Club for transfer of

ownership, please write TAF (transfer applied for) after the dog’s name.

6.    Multiple Entries:  Where an individual enters more than one dog in a stake, he/she must nominate his/her first choice

7.     Stud Book Number:  Please use a Stud Book number where appropriate in place of Registration number.

8.     Ballot:  If entries or nominations exceed the number of permitted runners, the right to compete shall be decided by ballot.

9.     Draw:  If you do not use e-mail, please send a self-seal stamped addressed envelope for the result of the Draw.

10.    Substitution of Dogs:  The Association does not permit substitution of dogs while reserves stand.

11.   Return of Entry Fees:  Kennel Club Ltd rule J7.f applies

12.    The Association reserves the right to refuse entries.

13.    Should circumstances so dictate, the Society, in consultation with the Judges, may alter arrangements as necessary.   Such changes

         and the circumstances surrounding them must be reported to the Kennel Club at the earliest opportunity.

14.    No modification will be made to this Schedule except by permission of the Kennel Club, followed by advertisement in appropriate

          journals if time permits before the closing of entries.

15.    Judges at a Trial are prohibited from entering a dog which is recorded in their ownership or part ownership.

16.    All competitors and spectators attending the trial must consider themselves under the orders of the officials and must follow

         closely behind the flagman.

17.    Videography and photography will only be permitted with the express permission of the Chief Steward and the host.

18.    Trophy holders please ensure that clean trophies are returned in time for the trial.




Your dog is vulnerable and AT RISK if left in a vehicle in high temperatures and even on days considered as slightly warm.   Please take care of your dog.

If your dog is found to be at risk, forcible entry to your vehicle may be necessary without liability for any damage caused.



Competitors whose dogs are entered at a Kennel Club Ltd licensed event should take all reasonable steps to ensure that the needs of their dogs are met and should not knowingly put their dogs’ health and welfare at risk by any action, default, omission or otherwise.   A breach of this Regulation may be referred to the General Committee for disciplinary action under Kennel Club Rules and Regulations.



Open Stake:  A Stake in which dogs have the opportunity of gaining a qualification towards the title of Field Trial champion (K Regulations refer) and towards entry in the Championship in which entry is open to all dogs of a specified breed.   It may be limited to a prescribed number of runners (J4 refers), in which case these shall be decided by a draw conducted in accordance with Regulation J7.i so that preference is given to previous performance.


Novice Stake:  A Stake which is confined to dogs which have not gained a place which would qualify them for first preference in the draw for Open Stakes.